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Some of the most common cockroaches:

German - upstairs
Oriental - basement                                            Some common names:
Wood - outside                                                        Water bugs
Australian - inside                                                    Oak beetles
American - inside and outside                                Palmetto bugs
Brown - inside and outside                                      "Roaches"
Brown-banded - inside

There are more than 50 different roaches in the US.  The previous list indicates the ones that are of most concern.  In Holmes county, Ohio, I have only seen German, Oriental, Wood, and a couple Australian roaches.

German roaches are common in food preparation areas such as, kitchens, resturants, fast food shops, or food storage areas.  Females lay a small packet of eggs which hatch into first instar black larvae.  As the larvae grow, they turn light brown and will grow wings when adults.  The adults will have 2 dark brown stripes on the plate behind the head and be about one-half inch long.  They hide during the day in very narrow crevices which makes them very hard to eliminate.   

Oriental roaches are large black and found mainly in the basement near the furnaces where there is warmth and some humidity.  The adult females may be over one inch long and may have  very short wings.  The adult males will be smaller at about one inch long and have wings that will extend past the end of the abdomen.  As the infestation grows, the oriental roaches will move to the first floor and then maybe to the second floor.  They will feed on organic materials, such as droped food and other wastes. 

Wood roaches are very abundant outside in piles of wood, leaves, under piles of lumber, under tree bark, etc.  Wood roaches are light brown and are long and skinny.  Adults may be over one inch in length.  During the Summer they will migrate to look for new feeding sites and new living areas.  When a window is open or the door in not closed, they will wander into the home.  Wood roaches need a high humidity and in a building the humidity is usually low, so they die within about a day. 


There are new insect baits that work very well.  These baits need to be placed in small amounts in a large number of sites in and about the active sites.  Dusts are also very effective.  A small duster is necessary to properly place the dust into the cracks and crevices to obtain proper control.  Many of the products that work well are available only to professional pest control  specialists and you must have a state license to purchase them.   Call the  Doctor Bugman!

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