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The Chigger

Here's to the Chigger,
The bug that's no bigger
Than the point of an
undersized pin;
But the welt that he raises
Sure itches like blazes,
And that's where the
rub comes in!
Author Unknown

Spiders vary in size from to small to see to 4 to 5 inches long.  Thankfully the really big ones are not normaly found in Holmes County, Ohio. 

Those that concern local people are the wolf spiders and orb spiders.  The orb spiders are the ones that are usually found in the corners of the rooms and in the basements.  Although they are not harmful, they spin webs which will collect dust.  Many women dislike the mess because they webs will collect flies as well as dust. 

The wolf spiders are insect predators and run to catch food.  They do not spin a web, but they will leave a web everywhere they travel.  They are about 2 to 3 inches long and are dark brown or black.  In some seasons they are vary numerous and will enter homes and businesses through any opening that is available. 

For our customers the first application may include an inside treatment.   Additional applications are done outside, because there is no need to retreat inside.  The outside perimeter usually keeps the spiders from entering the building. 


Millipedes are long skinny worm-like critters.  They are not insects but are related to them.  Each segment has 2 pair of legs on the ventral side of the body.  Many times they are referred to as "million-leggers".  When they die, they curl up in a "C" shape.
The body is round and dark gray or black. 

Millipedes feed on organic materials around the buildings, like in wood mulch and other grass debris.  When they become mature, they will roam around to look for another home or more room or a warm overwintering site.  Many times your building is in the way and they move in!  Usually the concern is in the summer or early fall.  A perimeter application has worked will to manage the problem.


Centipedes are very much like millipedes except the legs are on the  sides of the body and they run very quickly.  The body is not round like a  millipede but is dorsally/ventrally compressed.  The body is brown to light brown.

They feed on organic materials and may become a  concern when they move into the basement.  Perimeter applications will prevent the movement into the buildings.

Call Bugs R Gone to determine the proper timing for the treatment.  330-674-0371

Ground   Beetles

Ground beetles are usually black and are about one half inch to an inch long.  There are some that are around two inches, and some will have some red on the pronotum.  These  generally are soil inhabiting insects and the larvae will eat other insects.  The problem occurs when they begin to move out of their normal soil situation.  Inside the building they do not damage anythin, but most people do not want them in the their basements!

The normal perimeter application will prevent the ground beetles from moving into the building.  Call the Doctor  Bugman if you have Ground Beetles.


Earwigs have "pincers" on the rear end of the body.   These are devices , we think, that are necessary for reproduction.  They feed on organic materials. In the wet wood of the basement doorway one can find them eating on the damp and/or rotten wood.  Also I have seen them eating the wood of a picnic table leg.  They do not bite,sting, or pinch!  They just look Bad.  An outside perimeter application will prevent them from entering the building.  

Other Outside Invaders

There are many other pests that will enter your buildings.  They may be wood roaches, lady beetles, grasshoppers, many kinds of flies, stink bugs, wasps,  yellow jackets,  etc.  Each season there seems to be a different pest that will enter the house.  In the fall, many insects will look for a warm cozy protected place to spend the winter.  This is the reason many customers use the Spring, Summer, and Fall applications to keep pests out of the house and then not need to treat inside.  This prevents any problem with chemicals in the home.

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