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Ground Hogs

If a ground hogs sees his shadow on February 2, there will be six more weeks of winter and cold weather. 

Ground Hog Day actually came out of an old German superstition that if the ground hog would come out of its hibernation and see his shadow on Candlemas, an old Christian holiday, winter would last another six weeks.   If no shadow was seen, then the legend says "Spring would be early".  I guess that may be true for Punxsutawnwey, PA. but I am not sure about Ohio?

There are a lot of varmits in the area:  such as,  ground hogs, opposums, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  These animals dig holes in and around buildings, chew into attics, chew the siding of the house, tear out the vents, leave droppings everywhere, etc.  Considerable damage to the structure  occurs from these critters and they need to be captured and removed to eliminate the damage and nuisance.

Various cage traps are used to capture these animals so that they can be removed.  These traps need to be inspected or checked on a daily basis.  Although some of these animals are "CUTE" they need to be removed to prevent all of the damage they can do!

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